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Bob Voulgaris

Haralabos Voulgaris (sprich: [ɹælæbos wʉlgæræs]) ist ein professioneller Pokerspieler aus Kanada, der bis dato zehn Events der World. In der neusten Folge des Poker Life Podcast mit Joseph „joeingram1“ Ingram ist Sportwettenprofi Haralabos Voulgaris zu Gast. Haralabos VoulgarisVerifizierter Account. @haralabob. Head of Quantitative Research and Something or Other Dallas Mavericks. Irresponsibly.

Poker Life Podcast mit Sportwetten-Pro Haralabos Voulgaris

Haralabos „Bob“ Voulgaris (* 7. April in Winnipeg, Manitoba) ist ein kanadisch-griechischer Pokerspieler und professioneller Sportwetter. In einem wirklich beeindruckenden Blog erzählt der kanadische Highroller und Sportwetter Haralabos Voulgaris über seine Erfahrungen mit FullTilt Poker, Ray. Haralabos Voulgaris (sprich: [ɹælæbos wʉlgæræs]) ist ein professioneller Pokerspieler aus Kanada, der bis dato zehn Events der World.

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12/28/ · In this article, you will be able to read the story of one of the most successful sports bettor – Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris (the nickname is known thanks to the Bill Simmons' podcast). Content: 1. Voulgaris’ biography 2. Ups and downs in the sports bettor’s career 3. In October of , Dallas hired former professional sports bettor Bob Voulgaris as its Director of Quantitative Research and Development. "For years, Voulgaris made a living betting on NBA games. Bob Voulgaris, a former professional sports gambler known for his expertise in analytics, has been hired by as the Mavericks' director of quantitative research and development, sources told ESPN.

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Latest News.
Bob Voulgaris The latest tweets from @haralabob. Voulgaris has long been a minor celebrity among a certain subset of NBA fans, amassing , Twitter followers and making numerous appearances on Bill Simmons’s podcasts. He hit his first jackpot. Born Haralabos Voulgaris in , Bob Voulgaris is a Greek Canadian sports bettor and poker player that is a pro in sports betting. Unlike many professional gamblers, Voulgaris enjoys the limelight, and he’s embraced the fame that’s come with his legendary NBA exploits. Bob Voulgaris had become one of the most successful sports gamblers in the world when, in , he started to lose. It wasn’t just a streak of bad luck, a series of randomly unfavorable outcomes. August 20, From the late ’s to the early ’s, Haralabos Voulgaris (a.k.a. Bob), made betting look easy, exploiting inaccurate odds on NBA points totals. For five years, Bob made an absurd amount of money with a winning rate of almost 70% at one point!. Haralabos „Bob“ Voulgaris ist ein kanadisch-griechischer Pokerspieler und professioneller Sportwetter. Haralabos „Bob“ Voulgaris (* 7. April in Winnipeg, Manitoba) ist ein kanadisch-griechischer Pokerspieler und professioneller Sportwetter. What Haralabos Voulgaris' New Front Office Job In Dallas Says About Sports Betting And The NBA. Veteran sports bettor and poker player. Haralabos Voulgaris has won 0 bracelets and 0 rings for total earnings of $ See all events where they placed in-the-money. Voulgaris chose the right moment to start building a predictive model for NBA games. For years, Voulgaris exploited this edge, playing both sides of it repeatedly. Born Haralabos Voulgaris inBob Voulgaris is a Greek Canadian sports bettor and poker Tetris Gratis Online that is a pro in sports betting. He was essentially Vpn Hide Me the fantasy life of your basic under North American male.

Further number-crunching revealed that different types of players, based on position and size, will reach their zeniths at different ages and on trajectories that are possible to predict.

Ewing now grasps the curve of the lifespan of the point guard, the shooting guard, the forwards, the center -- and predicts the downslope and expiration date of every NBA career.

When Ewing went live with actual betting for the first time toward the end of the season, Voulgaris was not yet sold on its powers.

For another, the model was performing unremarkably with their money on the line -- right above the break-even line. So too has the frequency of his wagering.

In a season, he now regularly puts down well over 1, individual bets. It might come as little surprise to learn that Voulgaris has intermittently dreamed of becoming the general manager of an NBA franchise.

If not maybe all. In pursuit of this, in Voulgaris broke one of the cardinal rules of the sharp sports bettor: He sought publicity, conducting interviews with gambling and NBA-centric blogs.

As with everything Voulgaris does, it was a calculated move. He wanted to burnish his bona fides as a quantitative basketball expert.

And it worked. Despite the fact that he was giving up a yearly income that he says would dwarf all but the highest-paid executive in the NBA -- who is Jerry West of Golden State, Voulgaris is quick to point out -- he stopped gambling and signed a contract during the season with one of the co-owners of an NBA franchise to consult on matters of player acquisition and roster assembly.

The owner, according to Voulgaris, made certain alluring pledges. The quant revolution in sports at large has brought these two worlds closer together than ever before, at least intellectually.

Voulgaris spent five months working for the NBA franchise. He says he advised his co-owner client on several trades. The stats nerds have no chance of ever becoming general managers.

During the NBA regular season, which he splits between any number of North American and international ports of call, he watches as many games as he can, clocking more than 80 hours a week.

He typically faces a wall against which rises a rack of Samsung flat-screens: a inch central TV flanked on both sides by vertical ranks of three inch screens, each showing a game.

From here, he orchestrates his wagering: Ewing spits out a projected score and a number representing its level of confidence for each potential wager.

This is a lifestyle not exactly conducive to relationships: He partly attributes his recent breakup with a girlfriend of five years to his odd hours during the season.

Despite it all, Voulgaris faces the same issue that all sharps face: the sustainability of his edge, no matter how sophisticated the model that produces it.

When he returned to gambling for the season, Voulgaris says Ewing clocked an ROI of more than 6 percent. By , it had fallen to 5.

Of course, the lockout-shortened season made for a bizarre outlier year, and Voulgaris and the Whiz had to adjust. Basically they subtracted a varying amount from the scores Ewing gave them, trying to account for the rust that kept scoring low at the start of the season, and the compressed number of games that later fatigued players -- and also kept scoring low -- toward the end of the season.

But the limits of Ewing were apparent to Voulgaris. Already he sensed the inevitable. If, year after year, his margins are deteriorating, Voulgaris must increase the number of bets he makes in order to account for that slippage, just as he did when he moved from a subjective to a quant approach.

He and the Whiz tweak Ewing in a ceaseless effort to incrementally improve its ability to spit out projections that carry high-enough confidence readings.

LeBron: Best thing about deal is future with son. Los Angeles Lakers. Curry talks extension: Hope to retire as a Warrior. Golden State Warriors.

Denver Nuggets. According to Haralabos, his father could take a newspaper and randomly choose betting options.

He sometimes saw in a dream some numbers and made bets based on these dreams. Bob says that his father simply did not know how to bet correctly and was a regular unsuccessful gambler.

In order not to make such mistakes, it is necessary to select reliable gambling establishments the conditions of which allow players to win large sums of money.

When Vulgaris was eighteen, after leaving school and before starting college, he and his father temporarily went to Las Vegas.

The father played in a casino but Haralabos was not allowed to go there in order to gamble at a casino in Las Vegas, a person must be over twenty-one.

There, in Las Vegas, Haralabos assisted by his father made his first bet of one hundred dollars, which the future successful gambler lost.

After that trip, he realized that it is impossible to win without understanding what you are doing. Afterward, Vulgaris went to college, got a job at the airport and continued to make small bets on basketball.

Read more: The Best Bookmakers. Vulgaris achieved success in the 90s and became a very rich man at the age of For one gaming day, his NBA betting turnover could be a million dollars.

Especially successful for him were bets on the Los Angeles Lakers team, which won the championships in the seasons of and In addition to bets in those years, he was fond of poker , playing for big money in Las Vegas and other major American cities where gambling was legalized.

At present, players from diverse countries of the world can try gambling online. In order to play casino online, you just need the Internet and a personal computer or any other device.

Vulgaris Haralabos was naturally talented and hardworking. He spent a lot of time watching matches and analyzing the information. Retrieved Business Insider.

The Hendon Mob Poker Database. Bob would take advantage of this edge , taking overs in the second half, especially when coaches Eddie Jordan, Byron Scott and Jerry Sloan were in action.

After finishing high school, he and his father went on a trip to Las Vegas for two months. While his father played Blackjack, Haralabos spent his time in the sportsbook watching NBA games and learning his craft!

After five years of success, Bob hit the wall in when he went on a long run of losses, losing a third of his bankroll in one month. As his losses continued into the next season, he knew he had to change his strategy if he was to become successful again, and he did just that.

He employed a more grinding style of betting, using quantitative data to make smaller bets on edges over a longer amount of time.

Bob Voulgaris Related Posts. Best friends Brian Rast and Antonio Esfandiari vying for the chip lead with 16 left. Haralabos Voulgaris made his name and built his bankroll by applying his Teuerstes Spiel Der Welt curated data at the betting window. Like their brethren inside hedge funds, these gamblers are known as quants. Nix Geht Mehr Canadian sports bettor and poker player. After five years of success, Bob hit the wall in when he went on a long run of losses, losing a third of his bankroll in one month. Most likely, it was for this reason that Haralabos violated one of the main commandments of a professional betting player in Texas Holdem Poker Offline The names of each corresponding, of course, to the job of each tool. Stay informed. Download as PDF Printable version. Article Alan Woodsthe master of quantitative betting. When they finished, they called it Las Vegas Tropicana. Skip to navigation.


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